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Online appointments — How do they work ?

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Find a professional

Pick a category or directly enter your text in the search bar.
Browse the list of professionals and use the interactive map to find one that is nearby.
You can check their profiles to find one to your likings.

Pick a date and a time

Once you find a professional, go to their profiles and select 'Book Online'.
Pick a service, then a date and finally a time.

Booking appointments

Done !

Hit that confirm button and you're all good !
The professional gets notified of your appointment and can see you in their agendas.
To see or modify your appointment you can head over to your appointments page.


Free appointment booking and cancellation, 24/7

Booking appointments is free. You can also easily cancel your appointments from your Appointments page.

Find trusted professionals

All professionals have a review page in their profiles, where you can see user comments as well as their ratings.

Professionals — Hello !

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Aclipt is the only online appointment platform that is 100% free for the user AND the professional. Aclipt works on all major platforms and devices.
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