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About us

Aclipt (ɒkli:pt) is a service hub, that is to say an online productivity social network that allows its users to obtain or offer professional services.

Aclipt was designed with three objectives:

  • Create a productivity ecosystem where its users can obtain and offer services
  • Optimize and diversify the professional activities of its users
  • Eliminate registration and membership fees related to professional referencing

Each user can create a professional profile and offer professional services that can be booked by other users. To meet the various requirements of the different professions available for booking, professional users can customize their profile as well as the services they offer with various conditions such as the number of competing appointments, by adding margins for bookings and cancellations. Two categories of services are available: services that take place at the professional or at the customer.

Aclipt is currently available in 2 languages: English and French. You can change the language from the menu. To request another language or a new feature contact

Current bugs:
  • Some pictures rotate when uploaded: SOLVED.

To file a bug report send it to

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